A pyramid or an apartment complex

what’s the fucking difference

monuments to the dead

no place for the living



Chance the Rapper - Juke Juke


So the rent controlled co-op my family has a place in has re opened there lottery and it would be so fucking life changing if I could get in the running.

Like early this week I was looking into the practicality of loving in a yurt which is basically just a semi rigid tent and today I’m like “I could afford to send my future kids to college”

Also my sister would live at most a 5 blocks away. So like in till we die we would could have a neighborhood that wouldn’t be able to be gentrified. And then our children would have a cheap place to live.

I could afford to go to college or something. I wouldn’t have to worry about living in poverty basically ever.

Best of all I could live were I’m from and not in bumfuck nowhere middle america or expatriate to new zealand.

This is some real american dream/typea stuff people kill for shit.

The best part of building a motorcycle is when you

finally crack a design/engineering problem that you’ve been obsessed with for months.

Especially when the answer seems so simple that you cant imagine how you didnt come up with it sooner.

total eureka moment. So fucking happy.

to the sun.

to the sun.

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Anarchist Time

Revolutionary cartoon?

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I’m not even trying anymore.

I’m not even trying anymore.

Why does no one ever talk about

how the whole “no child left behind” act was like biggest fucking foreshadowing i think a generation has ever gotten. Or atleast since the famous 1890’s school policy of the “miracle Iberian health plan”

if you saw someone talking about “no child left behind” in a movie you’d be like you know what probably happens?

They all get left behind.

Who wants to stmerricalart a anarcho-punk band with me called “Alot of children left behind”

ACLB 4 lyfe


A  C  L  B



Will be our logo. an we can be 60% band 40% t shirt distro like sledding with tigers.

Ive been up for 24 hours so im just gonna spell it out….

theres a (in retrospect a really cryptic) joke about the Spanish flu above which im pretty proud of.

How is there any question are generation has the greatest music of all time.